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for now all of this is just a big fat chaos, (like my life lol) but maybe in the future I'll sort them out ... yeah sure you wish :)
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Yesterday I saw a sitcom where two people were supposed to meet in a city X, but there were two different city named the same way and they both end up in the different one. I thought that was lame and could never happen irl. Two hours later it happened for me. I’m pretty sure there’s hidden cameras somewhere..

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Not all men are

as straight as me. Im so heterosexual that i cant go 10 minutes without looking at a séxy lady or else i’ll pass out! Whenever i look a man in the eye on accident i make the sign of the cross over my chest and whisper “no homo.” Boy do i love sports and and hot women. My girlfriend ditched me because i cant stand within 5 feet of another man. I am so alone

you know you’ve been too long in the phandom when all you can think about after reading this is “no homo howell”